Had the opportunity to go camping a few weeks back. In a region they call upstate newyork. Up state new york, like, any other region has a designation such as this? How about upstate Alabama? Is there such a thing? I guess, NOVA would be the southern equiv actually… Anyway, very WASPish in that part of the state. But one thing I truly enjoyed was the drive to and from this region. The scenery on the way to this place is absolutely stunning. The green mini rolling hills some might call mountains remind me of the Arden in Benelux… there it is again that regional slang describing a place again.

My friend accompanying me on the drive to the up state. One thing he made comment as we drove along the interstate. As he gazed out the window to the hillside, he said, what do these people do for work?? Great question, right?? I mean I have read some papers about some re wilding getting the population back into the cities. Somehow I don’t think the few that do live up state would be all to interested in relocating.

While I was upstate I visited Watkins Glen, the glen of all glens or so it goes, the mother of all glens. It is quite unassuming at first glance, but as you climb the excitement of the views ensue. But as one might imagine the day after a night of camping is not always the most fresh and full of energy. Somehow I climbed those steps to gain the amazing viewpoints. But just like any traveler you just have to keep climbing, it will get better at the top.

What I learned most on this trip was that I still can split wood and it is really easy to loose your place when you don’t have a tolerance for masks. Masks are those conventions that adult human’s utilize to maintain social grace. The do serve a purpose but are rather cumbersome to carry. How do we manage this weight, this burden? I think many rappers in what is known as the hip hop industry used the term “keepin’ it real” to describe this phenomena, or rather the removal of these burdens. Not sure if their behaviors are the types I am looking to emulate, nevertheless keepin’ it real often has a shock value.

Regions by nature, of the word convention have unique or specific characteristics which differentiate them. Do regions keep it real? Do they wear masks?

On a similar arc, but different tangent, school is beginning now for many grade schoolers. I am sure many of them were or are nervous of that first day. If they have the choice to select their ‘outfit’ for that all important first day, I am sure if they are in those odd years called adolescence they struggled with the question , ‘how do I look’? Fitting in with the crowd, but maintaining their individual spirit… They may not realize conscious level this is occurring, but I posit, this is what is occurring. Adults, never grow out of this actually, until they know their role, so to speak, their place in the pecking order.

Regions exhibit the same characteristics as children attending the first day of school. Do they keep it real, what is real anyway, or do they put the mask on?

to be continued…..


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