mortal power

Understanding the power structure uncovers or destroys the dreamworld.

Finding inner peace in spite of this awareness is the challenge.

Recently went to a baseball game and found it entertaining and disturbing all at the same instance.

Sporting events epitomize the commercial culture, the escape from reality destination. For a given length of time you can watch people work and their work entertains you. What is amazing about this experience is how surreal it really is when you are present in this situation. Everything is managed, it is a complete commercial transaction. The entire process is 100% commercial. However, the values that are shared in this experience tend to be more social. For example the game would be meaningless if those that watched could not share the stories that resulted from the experience. For example, the point where Haffner left men stranded on base, in the bottom of the 8th, to a crowd that was all on their feet. The crowd was dreaming within the dream itself. Surreal.. truly.

But what’s more is that this experience can then be talked about, as I am now, and somehow we gain some connection by these words.

So, how is this social portion of the transaction, going to the game, managed?

What about the usage of Rihanna’s song S&M in the rotation of music during the game. It is great that the venue remains current with the POP culture, but what is the social impact of combining a song, albeit samples of the song, with the baseball game? Reminds me of some Edward Bernays experiment.


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