Visually Interesting

“I am aware….” (to quote George from Seinfeld)

I am aware that my blog is lacking visual engagement. I am also aware that images are our reality, as Slavoj Zizek eloquently stated.Slavoj

This takes time and dedication to upgrade the site, it is like anything, fixing a house a car, or your computer it all takes time and the right tools. I have never taken a computer programming class, outside of the C course I ‘dropped’ at the University. Programming and me just have not had a great relationship. Not sure why, but we haven’t. I am able to get a specific level of manipulation of the programs but to create that visually engaging environment takes time and something more than focus. Maybe I am just not motivated, to put a widget into my blog, or maybe I am satisfied with hyper links and one rolling content page.

I am a content generator, not a content displayer, although I could be a displayer too, but just not interested in that right now.

But maybe later.

But, I have been keeping track of the progress in the garden I planted the first week of June. I noticed this morning, there are some plants shooting through the soil!! I see corn, radishes, and tomatoes! It is cool!
Maybe I will upload some pics to fill out this blog with some visual content.

IN the meanwhile, I am aware…


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